We stand up for what is right.

The disturbing events in Charlottesville and the elevated problems in our country and around the world need our attention and our philanthropic leadership. JWF gives us the opportunity to stand up for what is right – for tolerance, civility, and kindness – and against hate, fear, and bigotry. As an optimist, I believe that love, compassion, and goodness will triumph over evil, hate, and fear. I believe in the goodness in humanity. To quote Gloria Steinem:

Yes, I’m optimistic. But I also know that nothing will happen automatically. Change depends on what you and I do every day.

Last week’s Torah portion is so timely and began with the command “Re-eh,” which means “See!” This is a Shabbat dedicated to vision and to blessing the new month of Elul, the month of introspection and reflection leading up to the Jewish High Holidays. We also just witnessed the solar eclipse, which reminds us that we are all one humanity. We share a small planet and a common destiny.

Together, we can “imagine the possibilities” and work towards JWF’s vision of a world where women and their families can be safe and economically secure and we all live in a more tolerant and just society.

As summer comes to an end, let’s take action to educate, advocate, and elevate. The monthly update below has important information on how to get involved and have a voice. Please be sure to check out our 2017 – 2018 Calendar of Programs & Events. I hope you will contact me with your thoughts. The JWF board of directors, professional staff, and I look forward to working with you this season to make our country and the world a better place.


No Small Change – kickoff

No Small Change (NSC), JWF’s innovative teen philanthropic leadership program, kicks off the year with a weekend-long orientation August 25- 27.

Read more about NSC.



The Task Force on Human Trafficking and Prostitution first took up the challenge to change Israeli law by legislating against the prostitution of another human being in 2006.

Finally, this July 16, something remarkable transpired. Our proposed legislation, the most comprehensive drafted to date – presented by two women MKs from opposite ends of the political spectrum in an unprecedented cross-party collaboration we helped broker – made it past its first two hurdles and is now on the minds and in the hands of the full Knesset. The outspoken support for the legislation expressed by the Minister of Justice further strengthens the probability of its passage early in the next Knesset session – barring new elections. Read more about TFHT.


Grantee partner Unchained at Last’s movement to end child marriage in America has spread to another state: Florida!

JWF has funded Unchained at Last since 2015. Our general support grant has made a significant impact on Unchained’s ability to bring awareness, attention, and action to the issue of child marriage, as well as helping women leave or avoid arranged/forced marriages and rebuild their lives.

Currently, children as young as 16 can marry with judicial approval in Florida, and children OF ANY AGE can marry if they are pregnant or have a child.

Under these dangerous loopholes, more than 16,000 children as young as 13 were married in Florida between 2000 and 2015. More than 80% were girls wed to adult men, often with a significant age difference.

* The bill has been filed as HB 71 Child Marriage. JWF is part of the Florida Working Group to End Child Marriage that is supporting this legislation.
Read more about this movement here in Florida…

15th Anniversary Luncheon

December 13 – Imagine The Possibilities 15th anniversary luncheon, at the Colony Hotel, Palm Beach
Honoree: Sandra Krakoff, Founding Trustee
Chair: Lisa A. Schneider
Co-Chairs: Richard B. Comiter and Beth Wayne


One of the greatest benefits of being a JWF trustee is the ability to join a committee and have a voice in the decision-making process! Sign up now before the season starts!

For more information, or to join a committee, please email jennifer@jwfpalmbeach.org.

Grants Committee
Ellen Kaufman, Chair Laurie Winston, Co-Chair

* Plan and recommend grant guidelines, procedures and timelines for all JWF grant cycles
* Update grant cycle policies and documents annually
* Review grant proposals and determine what projects JWF funds
* Recommend annual grants docket to Board of Trustees
* Create awareness in the community regarding JWF grant cycles, guidelines and funding priorities

Advocacy & Education Committee
Cynthia Brown & Liz Reitman, Chairs

* Plan and recommend advocacy campaigns
* Identify and collaborate with potential partner organizations and coalitions
* Plan and execute educational programs for Trustees and the community on issues important to JWF


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