JWF’s shared vision is to promote economic, religious, social and political equality for women and girls locally, nationally, and in Israel.  To achieve that vision, JWF utilizes strategic grant making, driven by the working principles of applying a gender lens to all proposals, fostering innovation and rewarding feminist entrepreneurial leadership in every funding area.  JWF is poised to initiate a rigorous pro-active posture to identify the most pressing unfunded needs and provide resources to break down legal, economic and social barriers that prevent women from expressing their dignity, humanity and leadership.  The Trustees are committed to take risks to fund issues that other organizations do not address.

defining social change

We fund programs that create social change for women and girls. These are initiatives that address the underlying factors contributing to the challenges faced by girls and women.

Social change is a systematic approach seeking to alter cultural or social patterns, often of an entire community. Social change for women and girls seeks to address the inequity and disparity within our community that works against women’s empowerment, self-determination, economic, and gender equity.

For example, we approach an issue such as the elimination of domestic violence in the community from a place of prevention, rather than fund direct services meeting the needs of victims who have already suffered abuse.

When reviewing full proposal applications from potential grantees, the Foundation also utilizes a “Shifts of Social Change” guideline, included in the RFP, to help define the potential grantees’ social impact in our community and beyond.

how our grantees are

achieving social change

  • Creating long-term changes in the lives of women and girls and their communities.
  • Addressing underlying causes of disenfranchisement, suffering, and inequities.
  • Identifying and testing innovative programmatic solutions.
  • Facilitating leadership development as well as the self-empowerment of women and girls.

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