Monthly Update – May 26, 2017


Next week we celebrate the holiday of Shavuot, which is the day the Torah was given to Moses and the Israelites at Mt. Sinai. Jewish tradition tells us that every Jewish soul of all time – those born Jewish and those who voluntarily chose to join the Jewish people – were there at Mt. Sinai to receive the Torah. Just as we were all together to focus on the values and laws given to us in the Torah, JWF brings us together now to focus on the essential Jewish value of Tzedakah, which means pursuing justice. JWF works to create a more just world by removing barriers to women’s safety and success, preventing violence, and creating opportunities for social, political, and economic equality.

Thank you for your support of JWF’s vital work this past year. At JWF, we work together and every supporter counts and has a voice. Last night we celebrated this past year’s accomplishments and looked forward to the exciting plans we have for the coming year. We live in one of the wealthiest areas of the country, yet we found through research JWF funded that Florida has a D+ rating on the Poverty & Opportunity. JWF offers incredible opportunities to change lives and create a more just society by investing in women and their families.

We are excited to work with you in the coming year as we educate, advocate, and elevate women and their families in our community, across the state and nation, and in Israel.

Wishing you a Chag Sameach and a Shabbat Shalom!
All the best,
Lisa and Tami

JWF In the News!

No Small Change program has graduation. Sun Sentinel: Jewish Journal, May 24, 2017
Jewish Women’s Foundation Announces 2017 Grants. The Jewish Voice, May 2017

Mark your Calendars

Friday, June 2 – Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, July 18 – Summer Social, Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant, Palm Beach Gardens, 5:30PM – 7PM.

For a complete list of meetings and events, please visit our events page.

Programs & Events Updates

JWF’s Trustee End of Season Luncheon was held on May 3. We heard about JWF’S busy and productive year of meetings, programs, and events, and about our grant making, advocacy, education, and leadership development. We also heard from guest speaker Dr. Jeffrey Nall on why feminism benefits men.

Congratulations to Sasha Klein who is this year’s recipient of JWF’s Young Women’s Fellowship. We also installed new board members: Carol Auerbach, Ellen Kaufman, Sandra Krakoff, Roslyn Leopold, and Elissa Vessal, and thanked the current board for their service.

No Small Change Grant Awards announcements and celebration was May 7. The teens announced awards of $6,400 each to Dress for Success Palm Beaches and Gender Justice. Watch this amazing short thank you video from Gender Justice.

Coffee and conversation on May 11, with Marley Brem, graduate of grantee partner, ALMA Pre-Military Academy for Female Leadership in Israel.

The JWF Board of Directors had a mini-retreat on May 24 and we culminated a busy week of planning and celebrating with the End of Season Cocktail reception on May 25Close to 60 JWF trustees and supporters gathered together last night to celebrate JWF’s achievements this year and announce exciting plans for the coming year that include:

  • Expand JWF’s innovative leadership development programs: No Small Change Teen Philanthropy Program and the Young Leaders Society
  • Launch of JWF’s new Men as Allies campaign to engage men in JWF’s vital work
  • More advocacy and education on pressing gender equality issues

Imagine the Possibilities campaign luncheon on December 13th at the Colony Hotel to celebrate JWF’s 15th anniversary. Honoree: founding trustee Sandra KrakoffEvent Chairs: Lisa Schneider, Richie Comiter, and Beth Wayne. Sponsorship opportunities available!

Two of our community’s teens who participated in the No Small Change Program spoke about their experience as members of the pilot program that is the only teen philanthropy program in the country that is co-ed and focuses on gender justice and Jewish values.


Grantee Highlights

Israeli grantee partner Kolech aims to expand gender equality in Israeli religious society through the JWF funded Telem program, a curriculum basedprogram for teens that teaches them about healthy relationships and sexuality. Recently, Kolech held a workshop with high school girls in Beit Shemesh which focused on body image, media influences, and sexuality. Most of what the students know about these issues they’ve learned from social media and pop culture, encouraging negative perceptions of themselves and their friends. After the workshop, the girls summarized their experience:

“I learned how to accept myself as I am.”                            
“I learned that my weight bothers me because my surroundings keep mentioning it.”
“I had no idea that models and commercials are full of Photoshop and editing!”
“It’s okay that I am ‘flawed’, no one is perfect.”

The girls expressed how awkward it was for them to discuss these issues before the workshop and that they welcomed the open conversation Kolech assisted them in having. After speaking to the guidance counselors and teachers following the workshops and sessions, they all felt that the conversation at school has definitely changed. We are proud to change the conversation, one school at a time.

Grantee partner ATZUM has indicated that the Task Force on Human Trafficking and Prostitution is moving ever closer to enshrining in law legislation that will: 1) protect prostituted people, and 2) criminalize the johns and pimps who drive consumption and profit from the abhorrent purchase of human flesh. Israel’s 20th Knesset is now considering four separate versions of TFHT-authored legislation, including The Criminal Prohibition of Consumption of Prostitution Services and Community Treatment Bill.

Women in Leadership – JWF CEO Nominated

Tami was among a select group nominated for the Executive Women of the Palm Beaches’ Women in Leadership Award. The awards are given in recognition of local women who have sustained outstanding accomplishments and displayed generosity of spirit, commitment to integrity and diversity, and genuine connectedness with others in the community.

Capt. Mark Kelly was the keynote speaker at the event on May 11, 2017.

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